Obsessed: The Newsroom

Suddenly it’s Christmas! Not only is Breaking Bad back on its final season, but  another awesome series is keeping me glued to the telly on sunday nights. From the brilliant mind of Aaron Sorkin, The Newsroom is just as intense as it is freaking compelling! Obviously thought provoking, it tackles on mostly political issues that shaped current events, the show tries to depict the different types of news and how a network or a certain newsroom presents it to the world. With an amusing glimpse of just how chaotic the behind the scenes can be.

It goes without saying that the script is very Sorkin. Engaging, quick witted, smart and did I say sarcastic? The dialogues are intelligent, well written and to say the least, entertaining. I like how they show the viewers the importance of  real journalism, the essence of accurate news reporting. This show is really a promising drama, only 5 episodes under their belt and they’ve garnered quite a strong audience already, they were renewed for a 2nd season. Yes to that! I just hope that the writing and the material will be consistent.

Leading the cast is Jeff Daniels, as the headstrong, bullshit intolerant Will McAvoy. He’s really great as the main character. The rest of the ensemble is an amazing cast of known and unknown actors. They are characters in their own rights, with much love to Sam Waterston, his acting is unquestionable. I got to say that there are tons of great shows out there but none of them got me so hooked like the Newsroom, I had to have  HBO activated. Trust me, it is that awesome. If you need more convincing, watch the pilot and dare to tell me otherwise. Thank you Aaron Sorkin, sunday nights are cool again!


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