Instantly, one of my favorite books!

You know you’ve read a damn great book, if after a week, you’re still thinking about it. Such is the case with Unbroken. How do I start? Louie Zamperini is the heart and soul of this compelling non fiction. His story is heartbreaking yet outstandingly inspiring. It’s a beautiful story of hope, resilience and redemption. It’s beautiful, in the truest sense of the word. Poised to be an Olympic runner, his life was forever altered during WWII.

The next paragraph is an excerpt from Laura Hillenbrand, the author of this larger than life book.

On a May afternoon in 1943, Louie took off on a search mission for a lost plane. Somewhere over the Pacific, the engines on his bomber failed. The plane plummeted into the sea, leaving Louie and two other men stranded on a tiny raft. Drifting for weeks and thousands of miles, they endured starvation and desperate thirst, sharks that leapt aboard the raft, trying to drag them off, a machine-gun attack from a Japanese bomber, and a typhoon with waves some forty feet high. At last, they spotted an island. As they rowed toward it, unbeknownst to them, a Japanese military boat was lurking nearby. Louie’s journey had only just begun.

Save the goosebumps for now, there will be more, I promised. On that fateful day, unfolds a story, so incomprehensibly devastating. Literally, the pages turned by themselves. You think you know adversity? try reading Louie’s story. Never have I been so blown away by a non fiction! His spirit is beyond admirable. It will make you ponder on what war really means, and yes, this book really made me question the depth of the evilness of humanity. It’s really horrifying what the veterans had to go through. Yes, I was traumatized of Louise’s unimaginable horror as a POW. And yet, I was gripped by his will to survive, and the rest of all the POW’s will to survive. This is a story of love for the country and for their families. And of personal triumph. That in the end, with the grace of the Lord, everything will be alright. Unbroken also confirmed a personal belief of mine that time heals nothing. Time heals no damn thing, you know what heals? Forgiveness! and Louie Zamperini is a concise manifestation of my belief.

God bless also the brilliance of Laura Hillenbrand. Holy smoke, she can write! Her research is obviously unquestionable. She writes from her heart and that clearly resonates as evidenced by this book. I’ve written her a personal thank you note message ( stalker alert:-)) simply because, I was compelled. The way she presented Louise Zamperini’s journey is a gift to mankind. My family and I are going through a colossal adversity right now, yet I draw strength from God, my family and yes, from this non fiction. I ask myself, you think you know adversity? and I know the answer. My friends are mandated to read this gem of a book, I cannot bear the thought that they will miss this one.

Once in a while, we need an inspiration most especially if we’re going through tough times and believe me, you will feel the overwhelming amount of hope in Unbroken. Do yourself a favor and read it. It will break your heart but in the end, it will cleanse it as well. That’s just about the cheesiest thing I wrote for this blog, but what the heck.


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