Woody Allen, in my opinion, is dysfunctional and creepy. Yet, I like his movies. Apart from his revolting personal relationship, he’s undeniably a gifted writer and director. Having seen Annie Hall, 3 times and  Midnight in Paris, approximately 10 times, it’s clear that I’m a fan of his work. It’s been noted that he makes only one  movie per year and this year, that movie is To Rome with Love. There have been mix reviews about his latest movie, some say it’s a joke and his worst. Others have vouched that it’s classic Woody. Engaging, witty, a tad sarcastic, and funny.

I don’t pretend that I’m a movie critic, but I like this movie. I think it’s refreshing, light and amusing. The script is smart and spontaneous. It’s witty and not cheesy. Woody is in the movie  as well and was it just me or weren’t his lines too personal? it’s really entertaining. He was born a comedian, no one will argue that. And the casting was pleasantly eclectic. Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni and the director himself were naturally hilarious. So if you can forget for 2 hours the fact that Woody Allen is a DOM, I would certainly recommend this one.


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