Broadway: SPIDER-MAN

A month ago, my friends and I went to see Spiderman: Turn off the dark, the musical. It wasn’t really our first choice, my friends wanted to see The Lionking, and I wanted to see Once, but since I saw the former already, we decided on Spiderman. If you recall, it garnered a ton of controversies during their early production. There have been rumors about injuries in the set and budget overrun. After watching the broadway musical, I now understood the budget overrun. Because they just about change sets every 10 minutes. It was a good show, but not the greatest, that’s for sure. I’m kinda impressed with their production. The first parts were a tad too boring, but as Peter Parker the character evolved, the show became more interesting. Not to mention the music was great! It’s very Bono. The music was my favorite part. Here are the pics.

the poster

outside Foxwoods Theater, home of the musical.

@ Times Square:-)

so NYC, the hotdog is a classic:-)


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  1. me like it! can I share this in Fb?

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