Weekend BBQ

Last saturday, my friends and I were in Jersey to celebrate our friend, Sujie’s birthday. Sujie is definitely one of the nicest people I know, she is sweet and thoughtful. She also is a budding food network star. It was a BBQ party, to basically kick off summer. As expected, Sujie prepared most of the food. I often kid her that she will soon be on food network. She made everything, from the burgers, to the chicken kebabs. She also has her own make your own taco station. But of course, my favorite was the dessert. Apart from the many many cakes she had, she made her own vanilla cream pudding with fresh strawberries. It was so good, I had seconds and thirds. It really can give magnolia bakery’s banana cream pudding, a serious competition.

The cutest part about her party was meeting Oli. Oli is her stepdad’s dog. She is a menace, in the cutest way. You know how dogs are, they’d do anything for food and oli is not an exemption, how she threatens to bark if a chicken kebab is not in her mouth in 5 seconds is hilarious because she is so tiny. Her demands are really irresistible. We had a lot of fun during the party, most especially in the grilling area. We took turns grilling everything from zucchinis, hotdogs, burgers and sweet corns. It really was cool and laid-back, just like Sujie’s personality. Before I post some of the pics, forgive my appearance, my eye bags are so clear due to the fact that I didn’t sleep at all the night before. For a reason that’s kinda embarrassing to divulge, ok, I was up all night finishing Fifty shades darker. There, I’ve said it. Please don’t roll your eyes.:-)

love all the food! so summer!

Jessica, trying not to burn the corn.haha

time for the cake!:-)

such a nice couple:-)

a group shot with the birthday girl!

me and oli, the little prince.

he’s eyeing the chicken kebab!

in his far away look, Lord, I really need a dog. please.:-)


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