Mischief Managed!

Last week, I crossed out one item from my 30 things to do before 30 list. As I blog about this, I am still in glee. The happiness still resonates to this day, just because I’m kinda nerdy like that. Together with my sister and her hubby, I visited The Wizarding World Of Harry Freaking Potter! As a fan, it can only be described as magical, it really would take you back on your years and years of relationship with the whole series. It was truly splendid! I’m not even sure if I shed a tear or two.

At the first sip of a cold butterbeer, I am magically transported to that certain day at Hogsmeade. LOL And I just have to get my own wand too, only because I feel like a muggle if I don’t own one. I’m just so thrilled to be inside Dumbledore‘s office. How my heart was beating so fast at the sights of Hogwarts Express, the sorting hat, Honeydukes, the marauder’s map, Every Flavour Beans, The Daily Prophet, even a fake hippogriff and Zonkos to name a few, plus their bathroom has moaning myrtle on full blast! how freaking amazing! It really was heaven for any true blue HP fan. Thank you, JK Rowling! I forgive you now for killing Fred’s character and you will always be on top of my list of people I want to meet. I solemnly swear I’m up to no good, Mischief Managed!:-)

Happiness! like the fact that my hair in this pic was kinda messy, just like Hermoine.ha!:-)

Please Respect the Spell Limits! woohoo!

as a fan, one can’t help but scream at the sight of this!

Inside The forbidden Journey, ecstasy!:-)

trying on a broomstick.:-)

The marauder’s map!

Sirius Black, one of my favorite characters in the whole series.

with Godric Gryffindor’s sword!:-)

be still, my fatty heart!:-)


my sis and her hubby. thanks a bunch guys, for putting up with my screams! LOL

Team Gryffindor!

somewhere inside is a fake buck beak, but I was still psyched!

chocolate covered frog, for Ronald Weasley!

every flavor beans!tee hee!:-)

had to drink it again, just because:-)

It really was so much fun, to see Hogsmeade and a bit of Hogwarts come to life, all those years and beautiful memories I had while reading the series. Just pure joy and ecstasy! Albeit, the theme park was certainly very kid friendly because they didn’t give much focus on the Dark parts like there were no sights of He-who-must-not-be-named or Horcruxes or other dark characters, and there are so many stuff they didn’t include, still it was more than any HP fan could ask for. I can’t wait t be back!



  1. So cool! I wish i could go!

  2. Did you try the every flavour beans?

    • i didn’t. sad to say because i was still full from the 4 mugs of butter beer:-)


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